• Kristel Kruustük
  • Kristel Kruustük



    With a passion for software testing and entrepreneurship, I am driven to empower to make a positive impact in the world. My journey began in a small town near Tallinn, Estonia, where I discovered my love for software testing. As I worked as a tester and moved to London, UK, I encountered numerous problems with different software testing freelancing platforms, leading me to found Testlio. I am a Founder and Board Director of Testlio, and I share the story of Testlio through public speaking, with my biggest event being the Nordic Business Forum in 2022 in front of 7000 people. I am also a committed investor in companies with female founders, with 6 investments to date. I believe in the power of female leadership and the importance of increasing representation and diversity in the startup ecosystem. Even though less than 1% of funding goes to female founders, I am determined to make a difference and be a catalyst for change. Being a mother to two young boys has given me a stronger sense of purpose and a bigger meaning in life. I strive to live in harmony, rather than balance, and make time for my hobbies such as playing piano, horse riding, and going to a personal trainer. I am guided by the values of being kind, challenging myself, fostering inclusion, valuing teamwork, making an impact, and giving a damn. I hope to be remembered as someone who worked for the betterment of others and who made a difference by supporting female leadership in the startup ecosystem.

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