Konferenzprogramm 2023

Thema: Sustainability

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  • Mittwoch
, (Mittwoch, 24.Mai 2023)
11:20 - 11:55
A tester's job in sustainable software engineering
A tester's job in sustainable software engineering

The field of 'green IT & green programming' was established decades ago. But not only due to the current circumstances it becomes more popular. If we take a look on the life cycle of (cloud) applications, it feels like that we have forgotten to take care on used computing resources as they are seemed to be available unlimited.
Within this session we explain 'sustainability' as a non-functional requirement for software systems, define metrics and KPIs to measure it and analyse the impact from and towards other NFR classes, like performance or availability. We close the session with testing approaches for this quality attribute.

Target Audience: Tester, NFR engineers, developers, architects
Prerequisites: None
Level: Basic

Extended Abstract:
This session tries to give an answer to the following questions - or it is at least a starting point for your context-specific discussions on this important topic:

  • what does sustainability mean in the field of software engineering?
  • how is sustainability defined in other branches?
  •  is sustainability a new class of non-functional requirements?
  • what other NFR classes have an - positive and negative - impact on sustainability?
  • how can we measure sustainability?
  • how can we test for sustainability in software projects?

Markus works as lead software performance engineer at Celonis. In a data intensive domain he works on efficient ways to ensure performance and scalability, combined with internal software qualities like maintainability or testability.

As portfolio manager Florian aims to enable Siemens companies for their digitalization transformation by conducting applied research, consulting and operational lead, while envisioning the strategic roadmap for related research questions.

As Lead Test Architect in Siemens MindSphere and other innovation projects he was responsible for Test Architecture and Infrastructure, leading related international distributed teams and closely collaborating with R&D, QV, Architecture, Security and Operations Management.

Markus Lachenmayr, Florian Krautwurm
Markus Lachenmayr, Florian Krautwurm

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