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Konferenzprogramm 2021

Thema: Scaled Agile Testing

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  • Dienstag
, (Dienstag, 04.Mai 2021)
10:10 - 10:45
Di 2.2
Working Effectively Agile in a Large Enterprise - A Testers Perspective
Working Effectively Agile in a Large Enterprise - A Testers Perspective

Seven years ago the author got for the first time exposed to agile product development. Last year he joined his current company believing to 'have seen it all'. One year later he has experienced agile development at a whole new level. This experience report shares the technical and organizational challenges faced in the development, testing and test automation of complex banknote processing systems, and how they have been overcome as part of a second agile transformation program. The author believes that this journey has been more than worthwhile and should inspire others - in particular testers - to go 'all agile'.

Target Audience: Testers, test architects, product owners, scrum masters. decision makers
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of agile working methods
Level: Advanced

Extended Abstract:
Giesecke + Devrient Currency Technology is a leader in the development of high speed banknote processing systems that process millions of banknotes each day all across the world. These systems must be 100% accurate - even in jam situations -, and are realized using a combination of multiple complex software components - including everything from classic embedded software, to real time image processing, to database processing software - as well as custom 'hardware' components, i.e., mechatronic components. Multiple products are built from different common software platforms, and extensive, sophisticated test automation is used to run and evaluate regression tests as part of nightly continuous integration.

G+D started its agile journey already many years ago with agile teams in software development. In our presentation, we will explain multiple challenges we faced during this initial phase, both on an organizational as well as a technical level. In particular, the challenge of marrying traditional requirement management with agile software development. We will then present how a second agile transformation, i.e., going 'all agile', helped to resolve most of our initial challenges and how we address those remaining. With this change we witnessed that not only the awareness of testing and test automation, but also its consideration during product development gained a significant boost in our organization. We believe our findings can help other companies and testing teams that develop complex systems with highest quality and reliability standards to understand why going 'all agile' is so essential for a successful transformation of product development, and how it can even help them to strengthen testing as a discipline in their company.

Dr. Stephan Schulz is a Test Architect at Giesecke + Devrient Currency Technology. For the past 20 years he has been researching, educating, consulting, and authoring numerous publications and standards on testing and model based testing. In addition, he has served for many years as chair of the ETSI TC MTS."
Stephan Schulz
Stephan Schulz
Track: Vortrag
Vortrag: Di 2.2

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