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Konferenzprogramm 2021

Thema: Ensemble Testing

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  • Dienstag
, (Dienstag, 04.Mai 2021)
09:20 - 11:40
Di 4.1
Workshop (Teilnehmerbegrenzung): Ensemble Exploratory Testing
Workshop (Teilnehmerbegrenzung): Ensemble Exploratory Testing

Ever wondered how experienced testers provide feedback quickly, discover unknown unknowns, and find that issue yet again on the first touch of the application? Let's lift the curtain together and discover the magic behind exploratory testing - as an ensemble. Whether you identify yourself as a developer, product person, tester, or anything else, whether you consider yourself a newbie or rather experienced, you are welcome to join this ensemble. Let's practice and explore together!

Maximum number of participants: 25

Target Audience: Testers, developers, product owners, UX, business analysts - anyone on a product development team
Prerequisites: Participant required equipment: Laptop
Level: Basic

Having graduated in sinology, Lisi fell into agile and testing in 2009 and has been infected with the agile bug ever since. She's especially passionate about the whole-team approach to testing and quality as well as the continuous learning mindset behind it. Building great products which deliver value together with great people is what motivates her and keeps her going. She received a lot from the community; now she's giving back by sharing her stories and experience. She tweets as @lisihocke and blogs at www.lisihocke.com. In her free time you can either find her in the gym running after a volleyball, having a good time with her friends or delving into games and stories of any kind.
Elisabeth Hocke
Elisabeth Hocke
Track: Workshop
Vortrag: Di 4.1

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