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German Testing Day 2020

Die unabhängige Konferenz zu Software-Qualität
Frankfurt am Main, 06. - 07. Mai 2020


Lindsay Uittenbogaard

Mirror Mirror Hub

Founder and Principal Consultant

Lindsay Uittenbogaard (ABC) is Founder and Principal Consultant of the Mirror Mirror team alignment process. She started her career managing small businesses before spending 15 years in employee communication roles with multinational organisations in the energy, IT, and telecommunications industries. It was the difference between micro and macro working environments that sparked an insatiable curiosity in how people perceive things differently and the profound implication of that on business performance.

An IABC Accredited Business Communicator, Lindsay is also a certified member of the Reputation Institute and a published author in the Gower Handbook on Internal Communication 2008. She holds a Creative Arts degree with honours, post-graduate diplomas in International Business Communication Management, and Broadcast Journalism, and is certified by the CIPD.




07. Mai 2020 - 09:20-10:05

Key1 - Keynote