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German Testing Day 2020

Die unabhängige Konferenz zu Software-Qualität
Frankfurt am Main, 01. - 02. September 2020


Vortrag: GTD 3.2
Datum: Di, 20.06.2017
Uhrzeit: 11:15 - 11:50

Load and Performance Testing in the Cloud (EN)

Uhrzeit: 10:30 - 11:05
Vortrag: GTD 3.2


The Cloud is infinite and scalable. Period. So why is it important to test for performance and scalability characteristics of a cloud-based system? Won't AWS scale for me as long as I can afford it?

Yes, but... AWS only operates and scales resources. They won't automatically make your system fast, stable and – more important – scalable. Therefore the talk brings to mind that even in times of cloud-based systems performance testing is still relevant, maybe even more relevant than ever before. To discuss the established forms of performance testing and how they change for cloud-based systems is its aim.