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    Smartesting is a software company from France specialized in Cognitive Test Automation. Smartesting has this unique expertise: knowing how to associate tests with graphical representations and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
    With its range of test design automation products, Smartesting provides solutions to QA teams that want to:

    -    automate wider, from test design to test execution,
    -    implement ATDD/BDD and more generally collaborative and shift-left approaches with live documentation
    -    clean-up & optimize manual test repository at the speed of Artificial Intelligence

    YEST® is Smartesting’s flagship product.

    YEST® allows testing teams to graphically capture IT applications workflows to design their tests, for manual or automatic execution. These visual representations are a super-effective support for communication and alignment between the different project stakeholders;
    YEST® provides refactoring functions, automatic test generation, and a whole lot of wizards to make testing teams as efficient, fast and agile as developers: observed productivity gains on test design are in the range of 40-50%;
    YEST® also implements functional test scripts and publishes them into your preferred automatic test execution tool (Selenium, Cucumber, etc.), thus ensuring economical, maintainable and robust test automation projects.

    YEST® Enterprise Edition with its Jira App extends collaboration on testing to Product Owners / Business Analysts, thus providing a strong support to ATDD approaches.
    ORBITER accelerates the rework and optimization of manual test repositories using Artificial intelligence: an optimized test repository paves the way to progress initiatives (Automation, agile, migrations, new tools, etc.).

    Smartesting in Paris – Michel GUEZ

    Tel : +33 782 580 112


    Webseite: http://www.smartesting.com