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German Testing Day 2019

Die unabhängige Konferenz zu Software-Qualität
Frankfurt am Main, 06.-07. Juni 2019


Vortrag: GTD 1.4
Datum: Fr, 07.06.2019
Uhrzeit: 14:45 - 15:20

Building a perfect team - retrospective

Uhrzeit: 14:45 - 15:20
Vortrag: GTD 1,4


4 years ago we were a team of 2 developers and 1 tester. In that time we got 5 different Product Owners, 7 Scrum Masters, lost Developers and got a new ones.
We hit a lot of problems. We started to research how we can enhance the working experience inside our team and build our own team identity.

The results were great we got better results and also got stability inside team changes. We rebuild the focus on product success and delivery to production. Got higher quality and smaller cycle times. In by presentation I want to present to You how to recognize the 5 dysfunctions on real product delivery. I want to share how the dysfunctions might affect the product deliver, maybe Your teams already suffer by some of them?


Target Audience: Delivery Team members of all specialties and experience levels.
Prerequisites: N/A
Level: Intermediate