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German Testing Day 2019

The Independent Conference on Software Quality
Frankfurt am Main, 06 -07 June 2019

What the GTD stands for

The German Testing Day is aimed at all persons involved in the quality assurance of IT systems. The focus of the event is on the exchange of experiences, ideas and best practices that provide technical and innovative impulses. The German Testing Day also lives as a conference through its open atmosphere and the resulting networking between the participants.

All participants of the German Testing Day - visitors, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and those involved in the organisation - commit themselves to the Code of Conduct formulated here by participating in the German Testing Day and thus declare to follow it.

What we want to achieve

We hope that all participants of the German Testing Day will treat each other fairly and respectfully on an equal footing. The German Testing Day is intended to provide an environment of mutual esteem in which openness, trust and joy can grow. The conference is open to everyone and should offer a friendly, pleasant and learning-friendly atmosphere.

We welcome and encourage all forms of diversity, because we all benefit from diversity.

What we do not tolerate

We reject any form of discrimination. This applies to both verbal and non-verbal expressions and to any conduct that conflicts with our objectives as described above. It also applies to any material distributed or exhibited at the conference by participants (e.g. exhibitors or sponsors).


Violations of these rules will be sanctioned (e.g., warning for minor violations). In serious cases, the Conference Board reserves the right to exclude the participant who violates these rules from the conference with immediate effect and without reimbursement of the ticket price.

Whom to contact

If you are faced with inappropriate behavior that constitutes a violation of this Code of Conduct, please contact us immediately.

During the German Testing Day you can always find us at the central information desk or at the registration desk. You are also welcome to contact the members of the conference board. We are all one hundred percent committed to this Code of Conduct and will support every participant in the event of harassment or discomfort and do our utmost to support them.

We expect all participants to work together to ensure a safe environment for all. This Code of Conduct applies to all sessions that take place as part of the German Testing Day as well as to the entire supporting program.

This Code of Conduct is constantly being revised. We look forward to your feedback.

Inspiration for our Code of Conduct came, among other things, from and