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German Testing Day 2018

Die unabhängige Konferenz zu Software-Qualität | Frankfurt, 07.-08. Juni 2018

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Vortrag: GTD 5.2
Datum: Fr, 08.06.2018
Uhrzeit: 11:20 - 11:50

Testing in the digital age; AI makes the difference

Uhrzeit: 11:20 - 11:50
Vortrag: GTD 5.2


New technology like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics requires new skills. Testing will grow from evaluating current behavior of an IT-system to forecasting future behavior. Also, the boundary between testing and monitoring will fade. Continuous testing is a prerequisite for implementing DevOps. But in the Ops part we’d rather speak of continuous monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence heavily leans on data, big data. So data science will become a pivotal topic in the testing profession. And data science, especially the analytics part is very important in cognitive QA platforms.

With the addition of physical machines, we will see the need for digital assurance towards new non-functional requirements grow. Think of topics like ethics (what may an AI system do with the information it gathers) and embodiment (how should a robot look to be fit for purpose for your business process) are important in a new setup of quality characteristics.